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We are the best alternative to day care!

We are a Summer Day Camp! The day revolves around activities scheduled (9 am to 4 pm), and children may not be readily available to leave in the middle of the day as they may be on a different part of the camp property. It is also more difficult to get a child to their group after 9 am. They are to bring their own lunch; we ask that you do not send microwavable foods as we have 70+ people and only one microwave. There are no "rooms" - your child's place is with his or her counselor participating in numerous different activities all week. We find that our youngest campers who have finished 5K have a better camp experience!


We really are an OUTDOOR camp.

This means that campers will experience God's creation in a real way - direct contact. Yes, the more unpleasant side of nature (yucky bugs, ticks, poison ivy) as well as the pleasant side (deer, turtles, mud puddles, etc.) exist in the woods as it does anywhere in the country. The counselors are trained to avoid the unpleasant things and take appropriate steps to protect the camper. We spray our property for ticks; however, it is impossible to spray all 17 acres. We check campers for ticks after every event in the woods, and encourage a good bath or shower every evening. We encourage you to spray your children every morning or to send bug spray or lotion with them.

We enforce our general camp rules.

Our first concern is the safety of your child(ren). Most often, we find kids barefoot. this may work in the backyard, but with thorns, rocks, and other man-made objects around, it is not safe. We ask that children wear closed-toe shoes (tennis or athletic shoes work well) all day, and that they have a pair of water shoes (anything closed-toe that can get wet and muddy), as well as a change of clothes every day. It is very disappointing to the campers not to go creek walking because they do not have the right clothes with them.

We do not have a drop-in rate.

The fullness, variety and enjoyment of our program is dependent on the children being here five days a week. Even if the child is here less than a week, the week's fee will be charged. We do everything that we advertise in the course of a week, weather permitting. We don't want your children to miss part of the fun of what is planned for them.


We are a Ministry of the Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity

The Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity is the founder of Trinity Woods Summer Day Camp. The Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity is a Christ Centered ~ Cross Focused church of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. We are a community of Baptized Christians who desire to conform to God’s work in belief and action. We invite you to attend any of our services or activities, whether you live in the Macon/Middle Georgia area, are visiting or just passing through. Worship services are at 11 am each Sunday.



Trinity Woods Behavior Policy

Our goal is to provide a wonderful, safe, nurturing environment for all our campers exploring God's love and the great outdoors with all the accompanying activities. We want each child to have a positive experience with opportunities for individual growth. Any continued disruptive, dangerous, and inappropriate behavior of one camper can greatly affect this goal for an entire group.

Please review our guidelines for behavior with your camper(s) and we will do the same at the beginning of each week. In cases of recurring misbehavior, parents will be contacted so that we may work things out together. If misbehavior continues, (ie: fighting, leaving your counselor, cussing, bullying, being rude/disrespectful, etc.) the Director/Assistant Director will contact you and place the child on a week's probationary time (no refunds for misbehavior). Upon returning to camp, if behavior occurs again, the parents will be asked to withdraw their child from camp immediately. Children dismissed from camp are not allowed to apply the following year.

5 Simple Camp Rules:

  1. Be considerate and respectful of others and their things
  2. Obey your Counselor and Junior Counselor
  3. Stay with your group and participate in activities
  4. Do not throw sticks or rocks
  5. Wear shoes at all times (unless your Counselor tells you differently)


Rules and Procedures for Trinity Woods

Only parents or designated people will sign campers out at the front table. Please let us know at the front table and on the sign-in sheet if someone different is to pick your child up for that day.

  1. All campers should be present to start the day with the flag ceremonies at 9 a.m.
  2. Our wonderful trained Counselors will oversee all activities.
  3. All Campers are to remain with a Counselor or Junior Counselor at all times.
  4. Campers should ask their Counselor for assistance with scratches and clean-ups. We keep first aid supplies readily on hand!
  5. Please label all clothing, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc. with your camper's name; we do have a lost and found area; please check this regularly!
  6. We have separate bathrooms and changing areas for girls and boys.
  7. Campers will wear close-toed shoes at all times. Crocs really don't work well here!
  8. Please make sure your camper has appropriate clothing that can get wet and muddy. We'll do our best to rinse them off well!
  9. Campers are not to go into the staff room, storage room or kitchen without their counselor or JC.
  10. Playground and fort disputes will be handled by the counselor(s) in charge.

We really appreciate our families and your concern for your children's safety, happiness and well being. Please take a moment to review these rules with your children. We love to hear from our parents; therefore, please feel free to bring any of your questions or concerns with any of us at any time. Thank you for choosing our family here at Trinity Woods to serve your family.

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